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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Our Joint Schools' 4th Annual Karaoke Night is here again!
Like last year, it's being held at the Saint Louis Alumni Clubhouse where there is lots of room to dance, karaoke with classmates, and spend time with classmates.
It is opened to all '69 classmates from Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools, their families, and their friends.
The "box office" is now open.  Grab other classmates, spouses, and friends, and contact Joanne to attend.  Just $25 for heavy pupus, water, music, and karaoke.  What a deal!
Don't want to sing individually?  Join the group.  Group karaoke is a great way to enjoy the "oldies" that made our schools years so memorable.
Don't want to dance?  You don't have to.  Enjoy the music, watch others "trip the light fantastic," take advantage of the pupus, or just talk stories with old friends.
The Class of '69 will be 69 years old this year.  That alone is an awesome accomplishment and definitely something to celebrate.  (Actually, every year from now on is worth some type of celebration!)

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Memories from last year's Joint Schools Karaoke Night 2019


Jennifer (Kaimuki), Ann (Kalani), Lani (RHS), Chris (MHS), Colleen (MHS)

Kathy , Susan , and Faith (Kalani)

Senior Citizen "Diet" Food

Group Karaoke - Girls challenge the Guys

Amy and David Kaneshiro

Aloha and Happy New Year!
We should all be looking forward to another eventful year!
First of all, it's always great to get up each morning …
Coming up this year is our annual, Joint School Karaoke Night with our Class of '69 friends from Kaimuki, McKinley, and Roosevelt.  We will all be 69 this year!
See below
Watch for details on the event and how to sign up. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

KHS Reunion Committee

Glenda, Sandy, Leonard, Herb & Patti, Marion, Joanne, Diane,
Ann, Phil, Miu Lan, Bobby, Vicky, Peggy, Brad, David, Amy,
JoAnn, and Fawn.
Missing committee members:
Gaye, Carl, Reen, Cathy Y. and Dave D.
The Class of '69 Reunion Committee held their "debriefing" session on Friday, October 25th at the Cinnamon's restaurant in the Ilikai to review all of the activities from their 50th year anniversary.  
      (No one could remember the name of the former coffee shop/restaurant at the ground floor Cinnamon site)
Much of the discussion just continued where they left off at the reunion event with them recalling events, persons, and experiences from high school days and the years leading up to our current "senior" status.  It's amazing how everyone remembers different things from the same event.  This is what makes getting together and talking stories so interesting.
Watch for upcoming "mini" events for our Class of '69.  It can be a simple way of getting together without the fuss of planning a large event.  If anyone has ideas, please share with us ...                       and come join the committee.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

13th Annual
Kalani Athletics
Golf Classic
This year's fundraising golf classic by the Kalani Falcons Athletic Booster (KFAB) marks its 13th year and honors the Class of 1969 on their 50th year anniversary.

Use this link:

Online registration and payment for the KFAB "Thanksforgiving" Golf Classic 2019

Help them to support their efforts of our student athletes and coaches at Kalani by selecting one of the three levels of Sponsorship, participating in the golf event with your team of three players, donating prizes for the event, or a monetary donation to KFAB.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Get Together
Overview of our 50 year reunion banquet.


Sunday, September 15, 2019

More familiar faces from '69 …

Diane and Faith at the reception table
Ann,Gaye, Cathy, and Miu Lan checking in Craig

Tribute to the 55 departed Falcons that we know of

Lynn and Cynthia the Memorial Board