Kalani High School

Kalani High School
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Sunday, August 18, 2019

More from the Banquet

It was an epic event with about 100 classmates reuniting.  Some haven't seen each other since graduation … some 50 years ago.  It was priceless to see their faces as they recognized each other.  We made good use of the name tags with their graduation pictures.  Although for a few, it was still difficult to identify them.  Lots of fun … what an experience.

KHS 50th Year Reunion Banquet
Manoa Grand Ballroom
Saturday, August 10, 2019

Kaipo Barros, Gail Takagi, Maureen Mau Fukunaga, Peggy Irish Tanaka, Gerri Ome Best

Byrnes Yamashita and Kathy Inouye Anzai

About 100 graduates attended.  40 from outer islands and the mainland

Leonard Hoshijo address the group after their class picture

David Kaneshiro, Stephen Iha, Alvin Akase, Lester Look, Phil Van Alst
Kaipo Barros, Gerri Ome Best, Penny Shinkawa Nakamura

Faith Kokubun Masunaga and Chris Quinn

Randy Soon, Ann Moniz Suen, Reby Lampard, Jerry Yoshida
Byrnes Yamashita, Sally Hoddick Lambert, Vickie Ward, Bernard Peterson

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Kalani Golf and 19th Hole Get Together
Navy-Marine Golf Course
Friday, August 9, 2019

Bob Gibson, Micaela Finch Gibson, Stephen Haywood

David Kaneshiro, Sandy Asato Nishimoto, Rick Barbaria, Phil Van Alst
Deborah McCarthy, Patty Manhart Ross, Joanne Amioka Chikuma and Ann Moniz Suen

Patty Manhart Ross, Cappy Perkins, Candy Opperman Horsley

Kent Harada, Dwight Nohara, Alwin Oshiro, Carl Yamamoto

Cappy Perkins, Mike Sylva, Earl Anderson

Earl Anderson, Sandy Asato Nishimoto, Brian Oshiro

David Kaneshiro, Steven Suto, Brian Oshiro, Alan Nishimoto
Dwight Nohara, Phil Van Alst, Debbie Pinzari Aikala, Mike Sylva,
Alwin Oshiro, Carl Yamamoto, Earl Anderson, Sandy Asato Nishimoto,
Miu Lan Kaaumoana Oman, David Dunham, Joanne Amioka Chikuma,
Candy Opperman Horsley, Kathy Inouye Anzai, Cappy Perkins,
Ann Moniz Suen, Patty Manhart Ross, Marion Tomishima Sato,
Deborah McCarthy, Wendy Yim, Bob Gibson, Micaela Finch Gibson,
Stephen Hayward, Michael Omatsu, Rick Barbaria, Bobby Imoto

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Ending the campus tour ...

The group ended their campus tour by visiting the newly completed Girl's Athletics Locker Room that also included a Sports Trainer room and a Wrestling and Judo center.

The girls contemplating using the shower facilities for relief from the heat, but when David took the last stall on the right, they changed their minds.
Group photo outside the cafeteria.  
Mahalo to Principal Mitch for his hospitality and being such a great tour guide.

Back On Campus

On Thursday, August 8, 2019, about 25 members of our Class of '69 visited their alma mater on a trip back to the Kalani High School campus.  For many of them, it was their first trip back since they graduated, some 50 years ago!

After meeting up with Principal Mitch Otani at the Administration Building, we started the tour, visiting the library (for some of us, it was the first time there … really?), then continuing through the different buildings stopping and visiting different classes.  The students were somewhat interested to imagine how these grandpa & grandma-aged people once attended their school.

Following the tour, the group picked up their lunch in the cafeteria.  Cost? $5.50!  Far from the $ .25 we paid way back when.  Mahalo to Principal Mitch for treating the group.

The cafeteria needed to make room for students arriving for lunch, so the group was moved back to the library.  It was a hot and humid day and, although there have been many improvements to the campus, the cafeteria was still not air conditioned.  The group was withering in the heat, looking like they just finished their daily workouts, so they gladly welcomed and enjoyed the cool library.

Kalani Class of 2019 VIPs

Since he took the reigns at Kalani about 14 years ago, Principal Mitch Ohtani has made it a point to help honor Falcon graduates on their 50th year reunions by inviting them to that year's graduation ceremony.
   Six from our Class of '69 were able to take him up on his invitation and were treated as VIPs at the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2019.

Kathy Otani (Mitch's sister), Lynn Nakamura Bryan, Debbie Coen Kula, David Kaneshiro, Debbie Pinzari Aikala, and Phil Van Alst.

It proved to also be a special night for Phil as he wasn't able to attend his own graduation, so 50 years later he finally attended a Kalani graduation.  Congratulations, Phil!

The graduation was held at the Stan Sheriff Center on the University of Hawaii Campus.
We used the Waikiki Shell for our graduation back in 1969.