Kalani High School

Kalani High School
Where the tradewinds from the valley ...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 Memories from 2011
Ice Breaker Breakfast

Randy and Jerry show their colors

 Lots of red here ...

Slot Tournament

 Song Competition "My Girl" - MHS vs KHS vs RHS

Owen and David with their bosses 
This looks like scolding from a teacher.
Not much has changed.

Hitting the town ... Showtime!!

Hawaii Six-O Search Warrant Scavenger Hunt

Monday, January 21, 2013

These are not Las Vegas Whales ... they are just Falcons from Kalani specializing in FUN.

2013 Vegas 62nd Birthday Bash

     Okay, most of us are or will be 62 this year.  That means that we could start collecting Social Security (with penalty) and that also means it is time for another Las Vegas getaway.  (It has been two years since our 60th birthday bash and it's time for another!)  

     Since we had a blast in 2011 and made some great new friends, we are staying with the winning combination of fellow '69 grads from Roosevelt and McKinley.  This time some of the Bulldogs from Kaimuki might be officially joining us.


November 13 to 18, 2013
Wednesday to Monday
Las Vegas Downtown

Besides gambling, eating, and drinking, the getaway agenda includes:

Ice Breaker Breakfast will all the schools,
Slot Tournament,
A Unique Bowling Tournament like only 69'er can,
A Hawaii Six-O Search Warrant Scavenger Hunt,
An Awards/Buffet Banquet,
Hospitality Suite (Where the Action Is),
Karaoke Challenge,
Shows, and naturally

Watch for more information ... where the tradewinds
from the ocean, whisper softly through the valley.