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Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Old Termite Palace

Site of many nostalgic high school memories for all.
Come join us and other 69ers from Kaimuki,
McKinley, and Roosevelt at the four-school
60th Birthday Bash that will be held just
a block away from here, at the
Japanese Cultural Center ballrooms on
Saturday, July 23, 2011.
Only $60 for food, friends, music, and casino action.

Contact us to sign up or for more information.

Who Are These Guys?

Mitchell Kiyuna, Carl Yamamoto, JerryWojcik,
and Bobby Imoto attended Kaimuki Intermediate
and have many old friends from Kaimuki High's
Class of 69 that they hope to see at the
Four-School Birthday Bash on July 23rd.

Come down and help them identify their Kaimuki
counterparts because they will not remember
most of their names.  They need assistance!

No Adults Allowed Unless Accompanied By Teen

     Liberty House stores will reverse common practice during their up-coming Youth Week.  at a trio of special night opening, IDs will be checked and only those under 20 will be admitted.  Exceptions will be made for those adults and pre-teens who are lucky enough to be escorted by a teenager.
     LH bills the week-long celebration as a "salute to the reaching generation, the turned-on young people who seek to change this creaking globe into a human, humane world."

Taken from the March 21, 1969 edition of Kaleo O Kalani, our school's newsletter.

We promise that no one will check IDs at our 60th Birthday Bash unless you request it.

Alumni Entertainment

Backyard ad lib by the "Falcons Four"
at our 40th reunion dinner.

Teacher's conference

Gordon Choy, Bernard Peterson, and Red Nielson
were still trying to challenge their final grades
with Gerri Ome Best.  Sorry no adjustments!

And the winner is ...

Blair Takenaka Odo and Debbie Dung Chock help Denis Isono
call out the winning name for the1969 Chevelle SS 396 auto.
(the 125th scale model was in cherry condition)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Black Angus restaurant

     Do you remember the Black Angus restaurant in Waikiki?  It was located at 2303 Kuhio Avenue, on the backside of the International Market Place.  Back in 1968/1969 many of you may have gone there for your after-the-prom dinner.  Here's the information that they posted in Kaleo O Kalani especially for us.

After The Prom
U.S. Choice Top Sirloin
Baked Potato or Rice, Salad
Rolls & Butter  Beverage & Dessert
Per Person  $6.00
(tax and tip included)


Wow, what a deal!!  Almost as good as the $55 bargain
for our special dinner buffet at the Oahu Country Club
on August 12, 2011 for the
Kalani Class of 69 60th Birthday Bash.
(In terms of inflation, it is really a great price!)

Proudly wave Kalani's banners ...

Alumni Committee members Andrea Song Gerber and Blair Takenaka Odo pose with some of our teachers who proudly attended our 40th-year reunion celebration in 2009.  We would like to think that they were proud of their hard work back way back when and attended just to see how everyone turned out, but in reality it was their reunion too.  They are truly a part of our Class of 1969.

Make your plans now to attend one or all of this year's 60th birthday celebrations.  They are once-in-a-lifetime events!  We already have received many inquiries and commitments from our mainland alumni.

Contact the Kalani Class of 69 Reunion Committee at kalanihigh1969@aol.com or call Joanne Amioka Chikuma at (808)235-3755
Ms. Geraldine Ome with Rocky Kupihea and Micaela Finch
Homecoming Pep Rally Has Come and Gone

     Football has many participants besides the rough and tumble players.

     Also instrumental in the preparations for the Homecoming game are the members of the pep squad.  A pep rally on Friday, November 1, geared them for outstanding cheers at the game the next night against Iolani.  The squad really contributes to the game.

     During the rally, the return of the 66/67 and 67/68 pep squad members highlighted the evening, while the 68/69 pep club members performed a skit to amuse the cheerers.

     A rousing number by Tahitian dancers preceded highly entertaining groups such as Buz Kelly and Jeff Cox, the Big K, Robert Texiera, and another group, Something Natural.

     Miss Geraldine Ome made appearances throughout the evening.  The rally ended with songs and cheers by all.

(from the Kaleo O Kalani newsletter, November 15, 1968 issue, Page 3)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kaleo O Kalani - November 15, 1968

"Heavenly" ushers In Winter Season

     The season of winter is recognized by all and enjoyed by many.  This year Kalani respects this tradition by having another wonderful winter prom, on December 20, from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight.
     Entertainment will be provided by the five piece orchestra of Ray Tanaka and the Esquires. Kalani was fortunate to acquire the Diamond Head room at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel for the dance.
     Bids will be available for $2.75 beginning on Monday, November 18, in the gym.  This will be a semi-formal, non-floral dance.

Reunions are serious business!

"Okay, we're all-in"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Junior Class Day - April 1968

Headline from school newspaper for Junior Class Day
If you're getting too old to read this type of lettering, the headline says, "A Day In Our Life," which was the theme for our Junior Class Day.  The paper was dated April 5, 1968.

Here is Junior Class President Stanley Chow's address from that paper:

     The Class of 1969 is an amazing class.  It was awarded first place for Homecoming building decorations and posters, and second place for its float.  In the Toys for Tots Contest, Juniors proved their generosity and took second place.  The class celebrated the Valentine Season with a very successful "Hearts and Flowers" Dance.  The Juniors who came out and became involved in the various activities enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

     However glorious the preceding accomplishments may sound, we can do even better with greater participation from the members of the class.  A class government needs the active cooperation of its members to do its job in serving the class.
     We have had to contend with a few disappointments but by and large it has been a good year.

                                                       Kulia i ka nui
                                                       Stanley Chow

FYI - The Tidesmen was a five-member group that played music from sweet Hawaiian melodies to the boss beat of rock-n-roll sounds.  When they played for our Junior Class Assembly, they held gigs at Russell's Row Boat (don't know where that was) and at Queen's Surf.  Remember, Mr. Wold?  This was his band.

Invited to the assembly were Junior Class officers from St. Louis, Kaimuki, McKinley, Farrington, and University High (Hey, what happened to Roosevelt?). 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Message from Star Fleet Command

To Kalani Class of 1969 Crew Members
To crew members aboard the United Federation Starship Enterprise,

The Kalani High Class of 1969 Alumni Committee is hosting a 60th birthday bash for all of its graduates on Stardate: 08122011.18* at the Oahu Country Club and has made an official request via channels requesting your presence.  Admiral Leonard Hoshijo has granted any and all 69 grads to make the trek back to Earth to attend.  The Enterprise has been cleared to release you for shore leave at the nearest starbase in your quadrant.

End of transmission
(* August 12, 2011 at 6 pm)

Contact kalanihigh1969@aol.com or Commander Joanne Amioka Chikuma on Earth at (808)235-3755 for more information.

Kalani and Kaimuki Connection

Linda and Gordon Kitsuwa
Linda is a Kalani 69 grad and Gordon is a Kaimuki 69 grad.
Their predicament is to decide which school to sign up with.
We're pushing to include them in Kalani's count, but who knows?  The main thing is that we'll see both of them at the birthday bash.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

They made the trip "home" to see old friends

From overseas, far and near, they returned "home"
for their 40th-year reunion.

Roosevelt, Kalani, and McKinley Las Vegas Bash - November

The 2011 Class of 1969 60th Birthday Bash Reunion
for Roosevelt, Kalani, and McKinley High Schools
will be held in Las Vegas from
November 9 to November 14, 2011

In case you're wondering about what will be happening, 
here's a draft itinerary of what is being planned:
(the activities scheduled are all tentative and still being
worked on.  They will be finalized based on our
numbers, your suggestions, and confirmations
from Las Vegas.  Watch for updates.) 

Wed, Nov 9
  9 am         Check in at Lobby 6 with Omni
  11 am       Leave HNL (Vacations Hawaii package)
  6:30 pm    Arrive Las Vegas (Shuttle to hotel)
  8:30 pm    Check into California Hotel

Thur, Nov 10
  8 am         Breakfast Ice Breaker at Main Street Buffet
 10 am        Slot tournament (Roosevelt).  Kalani might do the same.
  5 pm         Bell Trans shuttle to Kopper Keg (location pending)
                    RHS, KHS, and MHS "Getting Reacquainted"
                    Pupu dinner and activities
  10 pm       Shuttle leaves for hotel or the Strip

Fri, Nov 11
  10 am       Shopping (w/transportation) (Roosevelt)  Kalani might do same
   6 pm        Kalani 69 Hospitality Suite Pupu party
                      (Drinks and snacks)

Sat, Nov 12
  8 am         Special events (optional)  To be planned (Golf, bowling, etc.)
  6 pm         Kalani 69 Hospitality Suite Pupu party  (Part II)
                       (Drinks and snacks)

Sun, Nov 13
  8 am         Nurse your hangover, exercise, sleep ... up to you.
  6 pm         Meet in front of hotel to leave for a show
  8 pm         Show to be announced

Mon, Nov 14
  7 am        Bags out in hallway for pickup
  8:30 am   Leave hotel for airport
  11 am      Depart Las Vegas - Omni Flt 106, Terminal 2
  2:25 pm   Arrive HNL  (What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas!)

Events/Times are subject to change as the planning continues. 

Again, there are three packages available for KHS alumni.
Package A: Airfare, Room, Activities  ($799*)
Package B: Hotel and Activities only  ($244*) (corrected amount)
Package C:  Get-Together Activities only  ($69)
* Add $75 for single occupancy

Note:  We are very fortunate to be following the lead of the much more experienced Roosevelt 69 Reunion Committee for this Las Vegas trip.  Mahalo to Vincent Yee and the RHS alumni group. They have done it many times and have it down to a science.  Depending on the numbers from each school and feedback from the committees, we may venture into more "joint" activities or just keep with our alumni group.  Each school will have its own Hospitality Room.  There is still a lot more planning to do by the committee and we need your commitments and $ to help things move along.

For more information, contact the KHS Reunion Committee at kalanihigh1969@aol.com or call Joanne Amioka Chikuma  (808)235-3755.

The Kalani High School Alumni Clubhouse

This appears to be some Class of 69ers having
a blast at the KHS Alumni Clubhouse, but it's not.
(We don't have a clubhouse)
This is picture is from our 40th reunion dinner.

Kalani 60th Birthday Golf Tourney - OCC

For all of you Falcon golfers, hackers, and sandbaggers the Kalani High Class of 69 Alumni Committee will be hosting a golf tourney on Friday, August 12, 2011 prior to
our 60th Birthday celebration dinner at the 
Oahu Country Club.

Starting time will be about noon, depending on 
the size of our group.
Cost will be $70 (no charge for extra swings/putts)

Please contact the Kalani 69 Director of Golf Activities,
David Dunham
at david@kawikaspainting.com

Note:  He was thinking of asking Tiger Woods to play with us, but figured that the McKinley High School group
already had dibs on him.

Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley and Roosevelt 60th Birthday Bash

Why should you attend the four-schools 60th birthday bash?

The Class of 1969 was one of the largest, if not the largest, group from the Baby Boomer generation and was always looked upon as very unique and special.  Many of our lives have fatefully crossed paths while in high school, in college, and during the past 42 years.  How many times have you met, worked with, or was somehow connected to someone for years before you discovered that he/she was a 69 grad?  Sometimes even from your own school!

This birthday bash will provide an opportunity meet, network, and talk stories with more people from this special group to enjoy and relive many of the experiences that only 69 grads can relate to.  More importantly, most of us still have our faculties functioning reasonably well.  We don't know how it'll be by our 70th birthday.  

If you were one of those who "blew your mind in sixty-nine," come on down and see if you can find it!

And what can you look forward to seeing there:
  • Class of 1969 alumni from Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools.
  • Live oldies music by the Beat Boys.  Dance if you like ... show your oldies moves.
  • A casino for those who will not be able to attend the November Las Vegas trip and also for those who are attending and wish to "hone" your skills and enhance your luck.
  • Pupu buffet (food, food, food)
  • Door prizes.  Don't know exactly what kind of prizes will be given out but they could include our infamous KHS Off Campus Lunch Passes.
  • Most of all camaraderie, goodwill, and lots of fun.
    All this for just $60
    For more information and to sign-up, contact your Kalani High 1969 Alumni Committee by email at kalanihigh1969@aol.com or call Joanne Amioka Chikuma at (808)235-3755. 

    From our sophomore year ...

    KHS Computer Message

    Choose one, two, or all then hit Enter.
    To the Kalani Falcons of 69,
    Happy 60th Birthday!!

    Parking problem at KHS

    This "Trouble Spot" article from our Kaleo O Kalani
    school newsletter highlights a double parking problem.
    (Hey, that looks like a 68 Chevelle and probably 
    brand new.  No wonder this guy double parked)

    I wonder if he still has this car and 
    if he's coming to the bash?
    He better not double park there!

    President Leonard

    Senior Class President Leonard Hoshijo addresses
    the alumni group at our 40th reunion.
    "Aloha everyone, may I have your attention ....
    hello .... excuse me .... hello, hello ......"

    More committee members

    Are Reunion Committee members Dave Dunham
    and Vicki Ward discussing the PGA layout
    for this year's golf outing,
    or just having fun at the 40th reunion party?
    In 58 years, there will be another Class of 69

    Are you coming?

    Hey Neil, are you coming to our
    60th Birthday Bash? 
    The Drive-In is no longer around, but these Divas still are.

    Falcon Fate

    JV Halfback David Kaneshiro scores!!
    Who would ever imagine that four decades later
    he would become one of Kalani Class of 1969
    Reunion Committee members.
    Wow, isn't Falcon Fate awesome?

    Saturday, April 23, 2011


    Donald "Red" Nielsen says, "Go ahead ...
    try taking this paper off my forehead.  And
    if you cannot, I expect to see you at our
    Birthday Bash!!"

    Dont Get Him Upset!!

    Many of you know Stuart Hollinger as a friendly,
    peace-loving man, but if you don't visit him at
    our 60th Birthday Bash, it may upset him.
    Mark you calendars!!  Quick!!

    Our Junior Year Mafia

    Remember our Junior Class officers?
    They referred to themselves as Mafia 69.
    If you don't show up at any of our birthday
    functions this year, they'll probably send you a fish.
    (A red one like a squirrel fish or a menpachi)

    Falcon Perseverance

    Although Jerry Wojcik got himself stuck in the window,
    he still managed to free himself and get to his
    American Problems class on time.

    This perseverance also got him to our 40th reunion and
    will also get him on the plane to Vegas in November.
    Meet him there!

    Door Prize Winners!

    Debbie, Craig, and Jerry are smiling because they were the
    lucky winners of a stack of Off Campus Lunch Passes
    at our 40th-year class reunion.

    Rumors indicate that blank Tardy Slips signed by
    Geraldine Ome will be part of this year's door prizes.

    Reminisce with your 69 classmates!!

    Oops!  Sorry.  This is not us, it's the class of 1969
    from McKinley High School.  Tiger baby-boomers!
    Oh well, some of them will be joining us at 
    the four-school 60th Birthday Bash in July and also
    at the Las Vegas adventure in November.  See them there!

    Falcons "Autograph" Sessions

    Back in 1969, you cheered for them, you idolized them,
    you supported them, you honored them, and
    yes, some of you even dated a few of them.

    Now, 42 years later you will have an opportunity 
    to see them again, well not all but maybe a few of them, 
    at the Kalani High Class of 1969 60th Birthday Bash
    being held on Friday, August 12 at the Oahu Country Club.

    You can also spend some time "talking stories" with them
    at the Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt 60th birthday bash
    on July 23 at the Japanese Cultural Center ballroom; and at
    the Roosevelt, Kalani, and McKinley Las Vegas Bash scheduled forNovember 9 - 14.

    For information, and also to update your contact information please
    email kalanighigh1969@aol.com or call Joanne at (808)235-3755

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    KHS 69 Alumni Committee Member Cathy Lim Yoza
    greets former KHS teacher and pep squad advisor,
    Gerry Ome Best and David Isara
    at the 40th-year reunion.

    Were You There?

    Neil Nunokawa, John Veneri and Randy Soon were
    at the 40th-year Reunion.  Were you?
    (Ena Road and Ala Moana Boulevard)

    Remember back in 1968/69 when you could buy a hamburger
    for 17 cents each, or get 5 for 85 cents?  What a deal!

    And for a mere 69 cents you could get:
    A Chicken Dinner that included 2 pieces of chicken, 
    french fries, and biscuit w/ honey,  or

    A Double Burger 3-Course Meal that  featured
    a 2-patty hamburger, chocolate shake,
    and french fries

    Well we can't promise anything like this anymore because
    KDI has been gone for a while, but we can get offer you
    a Prime Rib Buffet at the Oahu Country Club
    at the Kalani Class of 69's 60th Birthday Bash
    on  August 12th for just a "little" more and
    provide you some great company.

    Come join your fellow '69 graduates on
    Friday, August 12, 2011 at 6 pm
    KHS Golf shoot-out at high noon.

    Alumni Postcard

    If you are on the Kalani Class of 69 Alumni mailing list,
    you should have already received this postcard that lists
    the three 60th birthday bash events for this year.
    If you are not on the list,here's your card and info.

    These are literally once-in-a-lifetime events 
    that you should not miss!
    Call your old Falcon classmates, your Bulldog buddies,
    your Rough Rider friends, and your Tiger pals, and make
    a "date" to get together on one or all of the events.

    It has been said that 96.1951% of all alumni that don't
    attend any of their 60th birthday events will never get
    another chance to do so. (ref: Kalani math and physics)

     Where and how is everyone?  Some have left us, 
    some have moved away, some look a bit different,
    but all of us will be 60 this year.
    Happy Birthday to all us Falcons from the Class of 69!
    Hope to see you at this years' events.

    Remember the crazy games we played at the 40th?

    You would think that after 40 years, we would be a lot faster at spelling our own school's name?  Can't remember which team won.  Thank goodness for those red wild cards.  If you're thinking of more games at the upcoming 60th birthday events:
    • There should only be live oldies music and casino "gambling" at the four-schools birthday bash.
    • There should only be great food and good talk at our Kalani Birthday Bash, no games.
    • What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  No promises, just good fun!

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    The Meetings of Four Classes

    For the past few months, Kalani alumni committee representatives have been meeting with their counterparts from McKinley, Roosevelt, and Kaimuki to discuss the four-school 60th Birthday Bash event.

    Remember them?

    If you attended our 40th-year class reunion in 2009, you would have had a chance to wala`au (talk stories) with these ageless wonders. (Glen Hirano, Leonard Hoshijo, and David Kaneshiro)

    The Lightning Myth

    It's often said that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but that's absolutely not true.
    In fact, lightning likes to strike the same place twice.  Lightning will actually seek out those places or things that attract lightning.  For example, the radio mast on top of the Empire State Building in New York has be hit by lightning for than 50 times!

    As 69 Falcon alumni, our young lives, like lightning, struck each other many times some 42 years ago and again in five to ten year increments (reunions).  Just like lightning, we all like to strike the same place again and again to enjoy each other's company and exchange stories.  The Kalani Alumni Committee has worked hard to provide a place and time for us to do just that.  They have also gone out to seek new "places and things that attract lightning" by meeting with three other class of 69 alumni groups: McKinley, Roosevelt, and Kaimuki High Schools.

    Start planning your lightning strikes now.  Contact and talk to your class of 69 alumni and also your friends from other schools, and make plans to meet at the Birthday Bash events in July (JCC) and November(Las Vegas).  And most importantly, reserve August 12 for our Kalani Birthday Bash event at the Oahu Country Club.

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Class of 1969 Las Vegas Birthday Bash

    The Roosevelt High School Class of 1969 Alumni Committee has invited fellow 69 grads from Kalani and McKinley High Schools to joint them in Las Vegas in November to celebrate our 60th birthday.  The trip is scheduled for November 9 - 14, 2011.

    Package A:
    Vacations Hawaii pkg (6 days, 5 nights) airfare, California Hotel room, transportation, pupu parties.
    $799 ($850 after 7-31-11)
    (add $75 for single occupancy)

    Package B: *
    Hotel and Activities only (per person)
    $244 ($285 after 7-31-11)
    (add $75 for single occupancy)

    Package C:
    Get-Together Activities only (per person)
    $69 ($100 after 7-31-11)

    $100 deposit per person due by 6-30-11 (sooner the better)

    (* price correction as of 5-3-11)
    To sign-up or for questions, contact the KHS Alumni committee at kalanihigh1969@aol.com or call Joanne at (808)235-3755.


    Joint Honolulu School 60th Birthday Bash

    Kalani, McKinley, Roosevelt, and Kaimuki High Schools are hosting a 60th Birthday Bash celebration on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at the Japanese Cultural Center.  It will have lots of food, entertainment, and even a casino.  The joint event is designed to provide an opportunity for alumni from all of the schools to exchange stories and experiences from the past 42 years as well as "bring" Las Vegas to the alumni.  (And don't forget about wishing everyone a happy 60th birthday)

    For those who will not be able to make our November Las Vegas Birthday Bash with our Roosevelt and McKinley classmates, need a a chance to "warm-up" and practice for that trip, or just want to have
    FUN, this is an excellent and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do so.

    Live oldies music will be provided by the Beat Boys along with a Pupu Buffet while you enjoy "free gambling" in the Joint Schools Casino.  Each school will feature a slide show, displays, and prizes for our baby boomer attendees.

    Feel free to bring you spouse, significant other, ex-spouses, etc. and mingle with everyone.

    Cost:  $60  ($70 if purchased after the June 24 deadline and at the door)

    Please contact the Kalani Class of 69Alumni Committee at kalanihigh1969@aol.com or Joanne at (808) 235-3755 to sign-up or for more information.

    Kalani High Class of 1969 Birthday Bash

    Our official Kalani 69 Birthday Bash event has been scheduled for Friday, August 12, 2011 at the Oahu Country Club.  It will be held at the Makai Lounge starting at 6 pm  and will feature a special dinner buffet.  
    Cost to attend the banquet is $55 (Now reduced to $50).

    For the golfers, the KHS Alumni Committee will be hosting at golf tournament earlier in the day at a cost of $70.

    More details to follow.  For now, mark it down in your calendars and contact other 69 classmates!

    Welcome KHS 69 Alumni

    Aloha to all our alumni from the Class of 1969.  The primary purpose of this blog site is to spread the word on the upcoming three 60th birthday celebrations for all of our alumni.  It has been 42 years since that fateful (?) day in June when we all walked the line at Waikiki Shell.  Some of us have stayed close through the years, a few of us have kept in touch occasionally, while many have only seen each other at the reunion functions.  This year marks our 60th birthday and the start of the largest baby boomer group to move into the SENIOR sector. 

    The Alumni Committee has been planning our special Kalani 69 Birthday Bash to be held in August of this year at the Oahu Country Club.  They have also been meeting with fellow 69 alumni from McKinley, Roosevelt, and Kaimuki High Schools to plan joint events that will allow us to celebrate, or at least meet with, other soon-to-be senior citizens.

    Watch for details on all of the events (most of you should have received a postcards with the events and dates) in future blogs/emails.