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Friday, December 6, 2013

 Summer's End, the joint fund raising efforts of a group of '69 alumni from Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools was a huge success.  Now that the dance is over and the Calientes' final performance has settled into the sunset, all that's left is the lone surfer standing on the rocky shore waiting for the next adventure.

On Friday, November 29, 2013, at the Kalani Alumni Dinner that was held at the Ala Moana Hotel, Bobby Imoto and Joanne Chikuma presented the current principal, Mitchell Otani with Kalani's portion of the proceeds from the dance.

Bobby commented to the attendees that the group made up of classmates from Kalani, McKinley and Roosevelt wanted to do something for their schools that would directly benefit their operations.  Soliciting donations for this effort would have been the most likely strategy to pursue.  The group, however, felt that working together as a combined team representing three different schools would send a stronger message about giving back to their alma maters.  They hoped that it would set an example for other graduates and classmates to follow with either their own projects or join them on future ones.  The group was successful in not only making a difference for their schools.  They developed new friendships, made a difference in the community, and had a lot of fun doing so.

Joanne and Bobby presented a check to Principal Mitchell Otani in the amount of $5,100 to use on projects for Kalani High School.  This amount includes Kalani's portion of the proceeds from the Summer's End dance and donations made in the name of the dance to Kalani High School

Summer's End 2013
Donations to Kalani High School
Rick Barbaria $1,000
Joanne Amioka Chikuma $117.90
Catherine Chung $500
Valerie Hata Ford $100
Linda Katsumoto Kitsuwa $100
Keith Kurahashi (McKinley) $303*
Sandra Asato Nishimoto $100
Patricia Niwa Yamashita $100
Proceeds from Summer's End Dance $2,779.10
Total:  $5,100 

Donations to the Summer's End event
Joanne Amioka Chikuma $150
Leonard Hoshijo $75
Bobby Imoto $750
Linda Katsumoto Kitsuwa $50
Deanna Ching Lee $75
Harry Mattson $75
JoAnn Gondo Mattson $75
Total:  $1,250 

Special Mahalo and kudos to Joanne Chikuma for all her hard work in coordinating the ticket collections, organizing KHS committee meetings, serving as liaison with the joint school committee, and mostly for "cheering" us on!! 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hawaii Six-Two Search Warrant Game: Sponsored by Kalani's group.

One of the events of the 62nd Birthday Bash in Las Vegas was the
Hawaii Six-Two Search Warrant challenge.
(Scavenger Hunt involving mixed-teams from Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt grads)

The warrant (list) was issued on Thursday morning at the "ice breaker" breakfast.  Most of the teams were a mix of grads from the three schools.

Here's the synopsis of the warrant instructions:
By the power & authority of this search warrant, your team is commanded to locate, present, and/or show proof that the evidence or information listed below exists.  Such evidence and/or proof must be presented in its entirety to the Friday evening court session at the Pullman Room.

* A tourist map of Las Vegas *
* A logo item from the Mob Museum *
* Tickets, flyer or picture of "The Polar Express" *
* Some type of public school identification *
* Napkin or logo item from Subway *
* How many roulette tables in the Four Seasons Casino? *
* One casino chip from the Las Vegas Club Casino *
* Logo item from the Lady Luck Casino *
* Brochure/card from the Fremont Experience *
* Picture of at least 2 team members in from of the Colorado Midland *
* A Keno slip from Binon's *
* A napkin/coaster with the Golden Nugget logo *
     * A "Rock of Ages" ticket, flyer, card, or picture *
* Flyer or map to the Primm Fashion Outlets *
* Cash voucher from California Hotel for less than $1 *
* A roulette instructional card *
     * Picture of at least 2 members of the team in from of a casino on the Strip *
* Logo item from the Golden Gate Casino *
* Coupon for breakfast at 2 downtown establishments *
   8Business cards from 2 Las Vegas businesses *
      * Cash voucher from the Four Queens Casino *

A combined McKinley and Roosevelt team won by answering and presenting something from every category.
Ray & Charlotte Kanemori (MHS)
Dan Ishii (MHS)
Lavern Flores (RHS)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

 From the

Don't Stop Believin' Tour 2013"
Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools
Class of  1969
62nd Birthday
Las Vegas Celebration
 Joanne Amioka Chikuma, Laura Aoki Komoda, Kathy Inouye Anzai,
 Val Hata Ford, Gordon Choy, 
Bobby Imoto, Ann Moniz Suen, Cathy Lim Yoza
at the joint schools hospitality room
We were seeing RED!
 Cathy Lim Yoza (back), Val Hata Ford, Joanne Amioka Chikuma, 
Kats Itagaki Soma, Karen Chun Kaneko (MHS)
 and Ann Moniz Suen at the school colors banquet
 The '69 girls out side the Rock of Ages show
 Ann Suen, Joanne Chikuma, JoAnn Oda Oshima (RHS),
Robyn Yafuso (RHS), Laura Aoki Komoda,
Kathy Inouye Anzai, Jan Taniguchi (RHS),
Chris Sumiye Imoto (MHS), Nellis Kunieda (RHS),
and Wendy Yim (MPI)
 Val, Cathy, and Bobby at the slot tournament (We did not win anything!)
 Ann, Vincent Yim (RHS), Cathy,
 Gordon Choy, and Val at the ice breaker breakfast
 Roosevelt and Kalani's Race Team
Vincent Yim (RHS), Robyn Yafuso (RHS),
Bobby Imoto, JoAnn Oshima (RHS),
Kathy Anzai, and Harold Fujii (RHS)
 Gordon and Kathy
 Chris (MHS), Jo, Ann, Cathy, and Val at breakfast
 McKinley hosted a mixed teams bowling event
 Joanne, Kats, and Ann
 Mixed bowling team:  Laura, Raynard Kanemori (MHS) and Val

Jo and Kats check-in at breakfast
Hospitality Room:  Games & Quizzes

Hospitality Room:  Karaoke and Sing-Along
Hospitality Room:  Dancing & refeshments 
The '69 guys outside the Rock of Ages show 
Harold Fujii (RHS), Wes Mukawa (RHS), Leonard Morales (RHS),
Vincent Yim (RHS), Bobby, Robert Ishihara (RHS),
and Brian Taniguchi (RHS) 

Kathy, Jo, Cathy, Val, and Ann raided Trader Joe's
and filled the trunk. (Super Shoppers)

 Val, Bobby, and Cathy at Main Street's Pullman Room
 Val and Cathy start off the buffet line
On the right-side:
Keith Kurahashi (MHS), Harold Fujii (RHS)
Karen Chun Kaneko (MHS), Russell & Charlene Shiroma (RHS)
Bobby Comeau (MHS), Ron Autele (MHS), Gary Tamanaha (MHS),
Stephen Teranishi (RHS) and Guy Blackiston (RHS)

Alan Nishimoto (RHS), Wendy Yim (MPI),
Nellis Kunieda (RHS) and JoAnn Oshima (RHS)
 Jacob Tanaka (Kaimuki),
Vincent and Wendy Yim (RHS.MPI),
and Laura Komoda
From MHS:
Dan Ishii, Keith Kurahashi,
Raynard & Charlotte Kanemori

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nostalgia - noun
: a wistful or excessively sentimental
yearning for return or of some past period
or irrecoverable condition.
Nothing could be the same as it was back then ...
but "Summer's End" is pretty darn close!

Still a few more seats left.  Call now!!
Relive "A Day In Your Life"
Bring back the memories for one night.

"Blow Your Mind in 69"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Plan Ahead ... Save Money, Save Effort, Save Time!

The members of the combined '69 alumni from Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools are busy.  Besides their joint efforts for the "Summer's End" fundraising dance to benefit their respective schools, they are also planning something for themselves.  As you can see, or have already heard, it's to celebrate their 62nd birthday ... or 44th class reunion or recent retirement, or just for fun.  As the years roll by, we look at any reason to celebrate life, having fun with friends, and letting loose.

Part of the planning is to help save money (so we can do more "field trips").  Good planning also saves time and effort.  So what the committee needs is an early commitment on the trip.  With larger numbers, we can get a better package deal and plan the itinerary accordingly.

If you are planning on attending, please let us know.  Especially if you plan on taking advantage of the package deal that we have with Vacations Hawaii.  We need a count now to lock in the $699 deal for air, hotel, and meals.  The total Birthday Bash package will be about $850 and includes the nightly hospitality suite (pupus and drinks), an "ice breaker" breakfast, a joint banquet, shopping, shuttles, and activities.

Call right away to have us include you in the count for the package deal.  And call us if you plan on making your own travel plans but need info on the activities only portion.

Kalani Kontact:

Joanne (Amioka) Chikuma
235-3755, or 
email:  kalanihigh1969@aol.com

For more information call Joanne
(808) 235-3755

Thursday, June 6, 2013

 Roosevelt, McKinley, and Kalani Class of 69 Meeting
June 3, 2013
 (Discussing/planning the Summer's End dance event)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

LasVegas 62nd Birthday Bash

In celebration of our 62nd birthdays, the triad schools are again heading up to Las Vegas.  We are joining fellow '69 alumni from McKinley and Roosevelt High Schools for a fun-filled six-day field trip to Vegas.

Departing on Wednesday, November 13, 2013
and returning on
Monday, November 18, 2013.

We are once again working with Vacations Hawaii to get the best deal with airfare, hotel, and meals.

As we did on our last joint adventure, you can look forward to:
Ice Breaker Breakfast with three schools,
Nightly hospitality rooms (pupus and drinks),
Shopping excursions,
Bowling "challenge,
Slot tournament,
Joint banquet with activities.

Those interested, please contact Joanne (Amioka) Chikuma for more information and to lock in the special rates.

(808) 235-3755

The Calientes

Remember them from the 60's and 70's?
Made up of '69 classmates from Roosevelt and McKinley, the shared their special sound with all and made those years a truly unique experience.  Come join them for their final performance at the Summer's End dance on August 31st.  Grab some classmates and reserve your table.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From our 40th Reunion back in 2009
(Four years ago!!)

Some places and experiences are gone ...
and are now only memories. 

Before you know it, so will we.
So don't wait.  Grab some friends and make
arrangements to enjoy the final performance
of the Calientes on August 31, 2013
at the Manoa Grand Ballroom.

Experience that magical feeling of the good ole days once more! 

Summer's End dance event to mark the closing of 
2013's summer season
and the final performance of the Calientes.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Calientes performing at our 60th Birthday Bash in 2011

The Calientes will present their final performance at the "Summer's End" music and dance event that will be held at the Japanese Cultural Center Grand Ballroom on 
Saturday, August 31, 2013.
The legendary band who's music echoed through the 60's and 70's will be backed by Soul Pilot and joined by two other awesome oldies groups, Wasabi and White Light.

It will be a night to enjoy, reminisce, and have fun, 
so don't procrastinate.
Grab your friends and make plans to join the celebration.
It will truly be an epic event that you will always remember.

The "Summer's End" is a fund raiser presented 
by the Class of '69 from
Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools 
to benefit their alma maters.

Reserved Tickets:  $75

Contact Joanne (Amioka) Chikuma
Telephone: (808) 235-3755