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Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 Las Vegas Get Together
Some of the Kalani group from our 2013 LV Bash
(Joanne, Laura, Kathy, Val, Gordon, Ann, Bobby, and Cathy)
The next adventure for the Class of '69 Reunion Group is the 2015 Las Vegas Get Together.
Again, it is a joint venture with our classmates from Roosevelt and McKinley and is scheduled for September 23rd (Wednesday) to the 28th (Monday).

As we did in the past couple of Las Vegas trips, the joint activities include an Ice Breaker Breakfast, Slot Tournament, Nightly Hospitality Room, a Reunion Banquet, as well as the optional Bowling Bash (a favorite of everyone), a scavenger hunt, and maybe a show.  And let's not forget the shopping excursions.

For this year, the home base for all of the activities will be the Orleans.  The group wanted to try a new venue for this year.  You could still plan on staying downtown at the Cal, Main Street, or the Fremont, but all of the schedule activities will be at the Orleans.

So far, these are the packages available:

Vacation Hawaii package to the Orleans
Hawaiian Airlines
(Single $1095)

Vacation Hawaii package to the California

We have a joint committee meeting scheduled for Monday night, April 20th, so stand by for updated information about this trip.

This is a great opportunity to take a break from work, retirement travel, and meet to catch up with old friends ... and hit some jackpots!

More information forthcoming.

Save the dates (September 23 to 28, 2015)

For more information contact:

Joanne (Amioka) Chikuma at (808) 285-2522
Tomodachi Tour Highlights
 At the Tenryuji Temple in Arashiyama
 At Odaiba with Gundam
Ron and Shirley Fukumoto (Kaimuki), Joanne (Kalani) and Brad Chikuma (RHS)
 Our fearless tour conductor, Bobby Chinen (MHS) with Joann (Oda) Oshima (RHS) and Dayle (Fujii) Hoopai (RHS)
 Ninja Trainees with their sensei at the Toei Movie Studios.
Harold Fujii (RHS), Lance Miwa (Kaimuki '68), Bobby Imoto (Kalani), Stacy Sakumoto (Kalani '68), David Kaneshiro (Kalani) and Keith Aweau (Kamehameha '78)
The Mt. Fuji selfie.
 Overnight sakura blooming in Kyoto.
 Good times with Keith, Bobby, Steph, Jamie (Kalani '79), and Earl (MHS)
 Dayle (Fujii) Hoopai (RHS), Lorenne (Hasebe) Fujii (MidPac '71), and Chris (Sumiye) Imoto (MHS) at Osaka Castle.
 Ben Woo (Kalani '70) and Merle (Yamada) Woo (MHS) await their Tonkatsu at KatsuKura in Kyoto.
Harold Fujii (RHS), Randy Matsumoto (Kaimuki '66), Shiro Osumi (Hatsukaichi '66) and Cheryl (Miwa) Osumi (RHS) at KatsuKura in Kyoto
 Bobby's cone at Toei Studio lot, Kyoto.
Sayonara Dinner at Le Daiba Grand Pacific Hotel
Ben Woo (Kalani '70), Randy Matsumoto (Kaimuki '66), Lani (Kuwana) Harrington (RHS), Rodney Ohta (Farrington '66), Harold Fujii (RHS), Jane (Kuroda) Ohta (RHS), Merle (Yamada) Woo (MHS), and Lorenne (Hasebe) Fujii (MidPac '71)
 Roy Kobashigawa (MHS), Randy (FHS '66) and Jane (RHS) Ohta
 Shiro and Cheryl Osumi, "Kazu" w/ head, Dana (Ikeda) Kobashigawa (RHS)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

More from the '69 Tomodachi Tour
 Stacy (Kalani '68) and Karen (Fukuda) Sakumoto at the Nara Sake Brewery
 Dinner in Gion, Kyoto
Myra (Kamikawa) Tamanaha (MHS '70), Veda (Gyotoku) Shimizu (MHS), Bobby Chinen (MHS), Lorenne (Hasebe) Fujii (Mid Pac '71), Harold Fujii (RHS), Amy (Nakata) Kaneshiro (Waipahu '72) and David Kaneshiro (Kalani)
 An Eye for an Eye in Inatori
Bobby Imoto (Kalani) with his Maguro eye and Chris (Sumiye) Imoto (MHS)
At Shinjuku Park with the Sakura
Amy and David Kaneshiro, Shirley (Matsuo) Fukumoto (Kaimuki), Ron Fukumoto (Kaimuki), Brad Chikuma (RHS), Steph (Yim) Miwa (RHS), Joanne (Amioka) Chikuma (Kalani), Chris and Bobby Imoto
At Oishi Koen (park) on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi
 A rare unobstructed view of Fuji san.
 a '69 Tomodachi selfie with photo bombing by Fuji san
Here's the difference between Fuji san and Fujii san.
Harold from RHS

Friday, April 17, 2015

Brad and Joanne do some "shopping" for omiyage at a rest stop in Inatori.

 Lani, Dayle, Brad, Harold (RHS), Lorenne (Mid Pac), and Merle (MHS)
 More omiyage at Ameya Yokocho in Tokyo
Personalized knives anyone?  At Tsukiji Market.
 Strange omiyage here at Harajuku.
Myra  (MHS '70) and Chris (MHS) and Karen (Kalani).

Class of '69 Tomodachi Spring Tour to Japan
(Blow your Mind in '69)

A group of 35 friends, made up mainly of '69 grads from Kalani, Roosevelt, McKinley, and Kaimuki High Schools say hi from the shores of Lake Kawaguchi as they enjoy a rare view of a completely unobstructed Mount Fuji.

From Kalani:
Joanne Amioka Chikuma and husband Brad (RHS '69),
David Kaneshiro and wife Amy (Waipahu '72)
Karen Fukuda Sakumoto and husband Stacy (Kalani '68)
Bobby Imoto and wife Chris (MHS '69)
Ben Woo (Kalani '70) and wife Merle (Yamada) MHS '69
Jamie Hernandez (Kalani '79) and Earl Kawakami (MHS '69)

"Sampling" wine at the Isu Higashi Mikan Wine Shop (tangerine wine)

Traditional kaiseki dinner at the Se No Umi Ryokan (onsen)