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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hawaii Six-Two Search Warrant Game: Sponsored by Kalani's group.

One of the events of the 62nd Birthday Bash in Las Vegas was the
Hawaii Six-Two Search Warrant challenge.
(Scavenger Hunt involving mixed-teams from Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt grads)

The warrant (list) was issued on Thursday morning at the "ice breaker" breakfast.  Most of the teams were a mix of grads from the three schools.

Here's the synopsis of the warrant instructions:
By the power & authority of this search warrant, your team is commanded to locate, present, and/or show proof that the evidence or information listed below exists.  Such evidence and/or proof must be presented in its entirety to the Friday evening court session at the Pullman Room.

* A tourist map of Las Vegas *
* A logo item from the Mob Museum *
* Tickets, flyer or picture of "The Polar Express" *
* Some type of public school identification *
* Napkin or logo item from Subway *
* How many roulette tables in the Four Seasons Casino? *
* One casino chip from the Las Vegas Club Casino *
* Logo item from the Lady Luck Casino *
* Brochure/card from the Fremont Experience *
* Picture of at least 2 team members in from of the Colorado Midland *
* A Keno slip from Binon's *
* A napkin/coaster with the Golden Nugget logo *
     * A "Rock of Ages" ticket, flyer, card, or picture *
* Flyer or map to the Primm Fashion Outlets *
* Cash voucher from California Hotel for less than $1 *
* A roulette instructional card *
     * Picture of at least 2 members of the team in from of a casino on the Strip *
* Logo item from the Golden Gate Casino *
* Coupon for breakfast at 2 downtown establishments *
   8Business cards from 2 Las Vegas businesses *
      * Cash voucher from the Four Queens Casino *

A combined McKinley and Roosevelt team won by answering and presenting something from every category.
Ray & Charlotte Kanemori (MHS)
Dan Ishii (MHS)
Lavern Flores (RHS)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

 From the

Don't Stop Believin' Tour 2013"
Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools
Class of  1969
62nd Birthday
Las Vegas Celebration
 Joanne Amioka Chikuma, Laura Aoki Komoda, Kathy Inouye Anzai,
 Val Hata Ford, Gordon Choy, 
Bobby Imoto, Ann Moniz Suen, Cathy Lim Yoza
at the joint schools hospitality room
We were seeing RED!
 Cathy Lim Yoza (back), Val Hata Ford, Joanne Amioka Chikuma, 
Kats Itagaki Soma, Karen Chun Kaneko (MHS)
 and Ann Moniz Suen at the school colors banquet
 The '69 girls out side the Rock of Ages show
 Ann Suen, Joanne Chikuma, JoAnn Oda Oshima (RHS),
Robyn Yafuso (RHS), Laura Aoki Komoda,
Kathy Inouye Anzai, Jan Taniguchi (RHS),
Chris Sumiye Imoto (MHS), Nellis Kunieda (RHS),
and Wendy Yim (MPI)
 Val, Cathy, and Bobby at the slot tournament (We did not win anything!)
 Ann, Vincent Yim (RHS), Cathy,
 Gordon Choy, and Val at the ice breaker breakfast
 Roosevelt and Kalani's Race Team
Vincent Yim (RHS), Robyn Yafuso (RHS),
Bobby Imoto, JoAnn Oshima (RHS),
Kathy Anzai, and Harold Fujii (RHS)
 Gordon and Kathy
 Chris (MHS), Jo, Ann, Cathy, and Val at breakfast
 McKinley hosted a mixed teams bowling event
 Joanne, Kats, and Ann
 Mixed bowling team:  Laura, Raynard Kanemori (MHS) and Val

Jo and Kats check-in at breakfast
Hospitality Room:  Games & Quizzes

Hospitality Room:  Karaoke and Sing-Along
Hospitality Room:  Dancing & refeshments 
The '69 guys outside the Rock of Ages show 
Harold Fujii (RHS), Wes Mukawa (RHS), Leonard Morales (RHS),
Vincent Yim (RHS), Bobby, Robert Ishihara (RHS),
and Brian Taniguchi (RHS) 

Kathy, Jo, Cathy, Val, and Ann raided Trader Joe's
and filled the trunk. (Super Shoppers)

 Val, Bobby, and Cathy at Main Street's Pullman Room
 Val and Cathy start off the buffet line
On the right-side:
Keith Kurahashi (MHS), Harold Fujii (RHS)
Karen Chun Kaneko (MHS), Russell & Charlene Shiroma (RHS)
Bobby Comeau (MHS), Ron Autele (MHS), Gary Tamanaha (MHS),
Stephen Teranishi (RHS) and Guy Blackiston (RHS)

Alan Nishimoto (RHS), Wendy Yim (MPI),
Nellis Kunieda (RHS) and JoAnn Oshima (RHS)
 Jacob Tanaka (Kaimuki),
Vincent and Wendy Yim (RHS.MPI),
and Laura Komoda
From MHS:
Dan Ishii, Keith Kurahashi,
Raynard & Charlotte Kanemori