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Thursday, June 30, 2011

60th Birthday Bash Tennis and Volleyball


You're only 60 once!  Come and celebrate with your Class of '69
schoolmates from Kaimuki, McKinley, and Roosevelt with a tennis
and volleyball get together.  If you didn't get a chance to play with them during or since intermediate or high school, this is your chance.

Call me to let the committee know that you and your friends can
make it so that we can plan accordingly.  Feel free to bring some
of your own food if you want.

Friendship, sunshine, and a good time!
It that's not enough to get you to come, we are not ashamed 
to bribe you with great food.  One of the dishes will be our 6-hour
smoked BBQ ribs (True BBQ).

Check out the Kaimuki High School Class of 1969 website for
photos of the 2009 tennis and volleyball get together.

Remember it's free and everyone is invited!
Even for those who do not plan on playing.

Contact me at wkunimoto@hawaii.rr.com

                                    Warren Kunimoto

Sunday, June 26, 2011

From the 40th

Leonard Hoshijo addresses his fellow classmates
at our 40th class reunion held in 2009 at
the Japanese Cultural Center Manoa Ballroom.

Message from Joanne

Aloha Fellow Falcons -- The $60 deadline for this event was Friday, June 24th.  We've heard from some of you, but have not received your registration form and payment.   Sooo.... we've extended the $60 deadline until Thursday, June 30th.  We need a headcount to coordinate activities and plan the event. 

The participating schools are Kaimuki, McKinley, Roosevelt, and Kalani.  Now is your chance to see your old time intermediate school buddies or re-connect with high school club members, your favorite athletes, old flame, etc.  

There will be live music, casino activities, ono grinds, and great fellowship!

Please download and complete the form from our website and submit with your payment ASAP to:

      Kalani Class of 69
      c/o V. Ward
      98-505 Lulu Place
      Aiea, Hi   96701

Website:  http://www.kalanihigh1969.org

Register today.  Don't wait until it's too late! 

Aloha, Joanne

Friday, June 24, 2011

Did You Know ...

Did You Know ... that back in 1969 Kalani's two
bowling teams had outstanding seasons as the boys
finished first in their league and the girls, second.

Dwight Nohara, Steven Suto, and Don Walters led
the boys' team to the league championship.

The girls, who finished second to Roosevelt, boasted
Seniors Marlene Andrade, Mae Kaneshiro, 
Naomi Yabuno, and Cheryl Yoshioka.

We sure could use them at our Las Vegas trip
in November for McKinley's Bowling Challenge!

Hawaiian Royalty at Kalani

Remember this?
On Saturday, October 5, 1968, Kalani's head
songleader, Alicia Kaipolani Barros, was chosen
to be youth princess for the Statewide
Aloha Week Festivities.
Another Kalani girl, Jackie Lien, was Aloha Week
princess in 1965.  Kaipo is Kalani's second princess.

Still Waiting

The reunion committee is still waiting for more
classmates to sign up for the upcoming
Birthday Bash on July 23rd.
The count is already over 100 and climbing.
$60 per person
Send check and form to:
Kalani Class of '69
c/o Vicki Ward
98-505 Lulu Place
Aiea, Hawaii 96701
Also, don't forget about the
Tennis/Volleyball celebration 
on July 16th at Kaimuki HS courts.
Contact Warren Kunimoto at
(808)988-3173 or wkunimoto@hawaii.rr.com

Honolulu Advertiser, September 7, 1968

Pre-Season game with Maui High
at Father Bray Field, Iolani School.

From our WANTED page of the Pow Wow Express

A few choices from our Senior Week WANTED page
in the March 12, 1969 Kaleo O Kalani.
(Pretty accurate predictions)

Kaleo O Kalani -March 21, 1969

Page 2 from our March 21, 1969 newsletter.
Article about yearbook staff selling macadamia nut bars
and loaves of sweet bread to raise $600 to be used for
color pictures in the '69 yearbook.

Also, check out the "You Can't Take It With You" add.
Our Drama Class presented this show at the
Roosevelt High School Auditoriun.
Tickets:  75 cents!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't Procrastinate ... Commitmitate!

Sorry for making up words but we need your commitments to the upcoming 60th birthday reunion events. 
Our reunion committee, as well as those from Kaimuki, McKinley, and Roosevelt, has been working continuously on finalizing the details for this year's activities.

We are excited to hear that many of you will be attending at least one or two of our three events and need you to send in your forms and checks ASAP.  

Don't Procrastinate ... Commitmitate!  (Sorry again)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the Falcon goes to ...

Denis and Debra call out door prizes at the 40th.

Winter Prom Bid

Remember the Prom Bids?  This one is from a Winter Prom.
What about those Sock Hops?  Had to wear socks!

Don't worry, if you're planning on dancing
at the July 23rd Bash, you can show your
stuff in shoes, slippas, or whatever footwear you have on.

A century later ...

No these are not the Three Musketeers ... or the Three Stooges.
These are Three Retired Cops!
By the time Bobby, Mitchell, and Jerry retired, their combined
years of service was over 100 years.
Funny, they don't look that old.  Or do they?

Come visit with these "civilians" at the July 23rd Bash.
They'll be in plainclothes.

Hoss elections

Most Talented:  Brian and Gloria

More from the 40th

Ann Moniz Suen and Vicki Ward in deep
concentration in their "game" mode at the 40th.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Door Prizes at the 40th

Denis and Debra were always known for their skills
on the Chuck E. Cheese game floor, but these
tickets were for the door prizes that were given
out at our 40th-year reunion event in 2009.

How's your luck (or skill) in the casino?
Or, how long has it been since you've heard
a live oldies band?  What about the Calientes?

Come down and check it out on July 23rd at
the Japanese Cultural Center for the
Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley, & Roosevelt
Birthday Bash.

Lots of food and friends.

$60 until June 24th ($70 thereafter)
Send in payment and form to:

Kalani Class of '69
c/o V. Ward
98-505 Lulu Place
Aiea, Hawaii  96701

Like McGarrett would say, "Be there ... Aloha."

Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley, & Roosevelt Bash

Class of'69 alumni committee members from Kalani, Kaimuki, 
McKinley,and Roosevelt High Schools met at the Japanese
Cultural Center Ballrooms, the site of their four-schools
birthday bash that will take place on July 23rd, to discuss
details of the event.

Don't just decide by yourself to attend, call one of your
old time classmates and make plans with other friends
to go down and check it out.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Falcon Body Sculptures

Title:  Diamond Head (can you see the outline?)

Website Is Up!

Mahalo to Kalani Webmaster Harry Mattson
for re-engergizing our Class of '69 website.

All of our upcoming 60th birthday bash
events are listed there, including
all of the sign-up/payment sheets.

Visit us at:

Also see Falcons Links for more connections.
(Left column)

From Opposite Ends of the US

Falcons flew in from opposite sides of the country to
flock together for their 40th reunion.

Come flock with them again on July 23rd for
the 60th Birthday Bash with '69 alumni from
Kalani, Kaimuki, Roosevelt, and McKinley

Only $60 until June 24 ($70 thereafter)
Send in payment along with your sign-up form.
If you didn't receive in via email, go to our website,

Questions about Las Vegas?


There have been a number of questions regarding how to go about choosing and signing up for the different Vegas packages.  The numbers have changed since the our committee first met with the Roosevelt 69 Alumni committee last year.  At the time, the airline and hotel prices were still not posted for November and we worked with the older rates.

The $82 Get-Together Activities fee is the amount that everyone will pay to cover the first night dinner/banquet event, evening pupu parties, shuttles, and other miscellaneous class expenses. This is our posted "Package C."

"Package A", that covers airfare, hotel and transportation has the Get-Together Activities fee included.

"Package B" covers only the hotel room and the Get-Together Activities fee.  The posted price is $254. 

For this Las Vegas event, Vacations Hawaii has reserved a set amount of airline seats and hotel rooms that are to be shared by the three schools (Roosevelt, McKinley, and Kalani).  Once the total amount of alumni attending is confirmed, the excess reserved hotel rooms can be released to the "Package B" people.  Those of us who are traveling to Vegas on our own, should make a separate booking at a nearby hotel (the California will show it as all booked).
Again, our committee is still checking on the final details on these arrangements, so we are recommending that all alumni selecting either "Package A or B," send in a deposit of $100 to confirm your attendance.   

For the "Package B" alumni, when it is determined that the group has excess rooms at the California, they will try to move you into them at the better rate.  You should have ample time to cancel the other reservation by the 48-hour requirement.  The balance (less the Get-Together Activities fee) of your $100 deposit will be applied to the "Package B" cost.  If there are no excess rooms, you will stay with your hotel booking and your deposit will be returned to you, minus the Activities fee.
Clear as mud?
All three school committees are checking and double-checking on the details.  We will post the final costs and options ASAP.  
For now it is important to contact us with your confirmations and send in your deposits and/or Activities fee.

Email:  kalanihigh1969@aol.com
Call Joanne at:  (808)235-3755

Submit registrations/Payments to:

Kalani Class of '69
c/o V. Ward
98-505 Lulu Place
Aiea, Hawaii 96791

It appears that the easiest thing to do here is to decide to go.  So mark your calendars, make the calls, and send in your deposit. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Review Blog Information

Don't forget to go back and review some of the older posts.
There is lots of information on this years' events and even
more on the good old days.

See bottom of page:  Older Posts

60th Birthday Bash Events for Kalani Alumni

Most recent updates:

Aloha All – The time is NOW!  Time to sign up for the 60th Birthday celebration event(s) you’d like to attend.  There’s something for everyone:  multi-school events, Kalani only events, & Viva Las Vegas!  Remember, you’re only 60 once in your lifetime, so come join the celebration! 

You can obtain the registration forms by requesting from kalanihigh1969@aol.com or calling Joanne at (808)235-3755.  Please complete the appropriate form(s) and submit with payment to:
                Kalani Class of 69
                c/o V. Ward
                98-505 Lulu Place
                Aiea, Hi   96701

Let’s Celebrate Together
1.    Saturday, July 16, 2011:     Tennis/Volleyball – free/potluck -
       8:30 am to 1:00 pm             Kaimuki High School tennis courts & lawn area

      Saturday, July 23, 2011:      Birthday Bash  --  Honolulu (with Kaimuki, Roosevelt,
      5:00 – 11:00 pm                  & McKinley) -- $60/per person until June 24
                                                 Japanese Cultural Center

Kalani O’ahu Bash

2.    Friday, August 12, 2011:    Golf Tournament --- $70 (cash payable to Dave)
                                                  O'ahu Country Club

       Friday, August 12, 2011:    Kalani 60th Birthday Celebration -- $50
       6:00 -- ? pm                       O’ahu Country Club

KHS Vegas 2011
3.    November 9 – 14, 2011:    Las Vegas Get-Together (with Roosevelt & McKinley)
Costs are estimated per person (based on double occupancy rooms).  Single applicant roommates are determined after all RSVPs are confirmed.  Single room occupancy will cost an additional $75 (to be confirmed prior to final payment).

Packages A & B require a $100 deposit per person (check payable to Kalani Class of 69), by June 30, 2011 or sooner.

Package A - $799 (Roundtrip from Honolulu on Omni Air/Room/Activities):  Please see attached registration form for package details. 
We have blocked seats and rooms, so reservations will be made with us.

Package B - $304 (Hotel & Activities only):  First come, first served. (Date of receipt of $100 deposit).  Subject to availability after full package reservations.
For people with own transportation (mileage, other airlines, mainland, etc.). 
Please make your own hotel reservations at California, Mainstreet, or Fremont.  (If you have a Hawaii ID, mention you want the “Hawaiian Package”).  After full package reservations are completed, any available blocked rooms will be offered at the kamaaina rate ($225 double occupancy + $79 activities) on a first come, first served basis.  (You will then cancel your own reservations).

Package C - $82 (Get-together activities only):  No deposit required.
For people with own transportation and lodging, but want to join in on the planned activities.

There will be special tri-school events, shopping excursions, and Kalani class get-togethers.  Lots of free time for gambling or just meeting up with old & new friends from Kalani, Roosevelt, & McKinley.  Guaranteed to be a BLAST!

Note:  Air and hotel reservations are very limited, so send your completed registration form and deposit ASAP for packages A & B. 

Questions?  Email:  kalanihigh1969@aol.com or call: Joanne at
(808) 235-3755

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HIC Concerts

If you remember purchasing tickets to concerts
at the HIC arena, then this ticket envelope
should be very familiar to you.

Come down to the Class of '69 Birthday Bash at the
Japanese Cultural Center on July 23, 2011 and
see some familiar faces from Kaimuki, Kalani,
McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools.

Roosevelt '69 Alumni Meeting May 17, 2011

Roosevelt's 1969 Alumni group hosted members of
the McKinley and Kalani committees to discuss the details
of the birthday bash at JCC and their Las Vegas bash.
One of the main items on the agenda was the all
important, Malasadas taste test.
Yes, that Roosevelt committee member passing out the
goodies is Sandra Asato Nishimoto.  They "adopted" her.

Meeting at the 40th

More poses at the KHS 40th Reunion, held at
the Japanese Cultural Center in October of 2009.

"Yamamoto with the ball ..."

Remember hearing the stadium announcer broadcasting
who was running with the ball?


More smiles from our 40th reunion event.