Kalani High School

Kalani High School
Where the tradewinds from the valley ...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey Falcons ...

Now is the time to sign up for our 45th!

Come join the group and revisit the old days. 
Here are a few of your classmates that will be attending:

Cathy Chung
Neal Hiramatsu
Earl Anderson
Candace Opperman Horsley
Lori Kono Clapp
Clayton Frank
John Veneri
Melvin Matsuda
Patricia Manhart Ross
Valerie Hata Ford
Laurie Gorelangton
Michael Shimada
Phil Van Alst
Susan Uyeda Matsumoto
Lester Look
Leonard Hoshijo
Kathleen Inouye Anzai
Joanne Amioka Chikuma
Deanne Ching Lee
Diane Chong
Patti Niwa Yamashita
Vicki Ward
Harry Mattson
JoAnn Gondo Mattson
Bobby Imoto
Ann Moniz Suen
Randy Soon
Rick Barbaria
Penny Shinkawa Shimada
Chris Quinn
Josephine Foster Pang
Owen Akamine
Michael Omatsu
We also have a few classmates from our neighboring City high schools joining us.  Some old elementary and intermediate school buddies, new friends, working aquaintences, family connections, and fellow '69 grads from Roosevelt and McKinley.
It is a great time to re-connect, reminisce, and have fun!