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Monday, September 29, 2014

Oceania Floating Restaurant

This is how things get out of hand.  Your Kalani Class of '69 Reunion Committee started off trying to decide where to hold a "hot wash" or closing meeting for our recent 45th reunion event and a few locations popped up.  Then somebody mentioned places to eat in the old days.  What followed was an endless string of emails talking about great places to eat or visit from our younger days. 

The emails are still continuing as this is written, without any confirmation on where the meeting will be held.  Here are some of the locations mentioned:

Hong Kung Chinese Restaurant
Oceania Floating Restaurant (above)
M's Ranch House
Kuhio Grill
Mynah Bird Drive In
Jolly Roger
Scotty's Drive In
Chips Coffee House
9th Avenue Bakery
Zane's Market
Stewart's Pharmacy
OK Slippers
Aotani Fountain
Kaimuki Luncheonette
Red Rooster Chop Suey
Dick's Bakery
W&M Burgers (9th Ave)
Paradise Grill - Kaimuki Bowl
Ed & Don's
Tropics Bakery
Chico's Pizza
St. Louis Drive in
Gum's Restaurant
Ben Franklin
National Dollar Store
Thrifty Drugs
Benson-Smith Pharmacy

Remember these places?

Note:  These are mostly in the Kaimuki town area.  We may be receiving some from the then not-so-populated East side of our school district.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flying with Angels
Gary Alden
Leonard Barros
Patti-Gene Akamu Berry
Mike Brilliande
Susan Brotherton
Wesley Chang
Stephen Crossno
Linda Foulger
Bernadine Perkins Godfredson
Lee Goeas
Evanette Hao
Lance Hashizume
Harvey Hirahara
Randal Hirata
Steve Holland
Clayton Inouye
Pricilla Oneha Kahapea
Bernadette Keahi Kaneshiro
Chosei Kobayashi
Lynn Kimura Masseth
Sylvia Loo Miller
Anthony Montero
Fred Nagata
Vincent Nakano
Dottie Keala Nalu`ai
Michael Lewzo Oka
Alvin Okazawa
Pamela Ome
Patrick Pope
Craig Pung
Miyoko Arakaki Santos
Floyd Shinke
Helene Smith
Jocelyn Watanabe Suma
Rodney Suzuki
Ivan Takeuchi
Patricia Tomatani
Wayne Waniya
Casey Webb
David Wong
Ann Kakazu Yogi
KHS Staff
Myrna Lee Asing
Michael Doran
Herbert Imanaka
Jane Baldovi Nikaido
Rancis Emory "Buddy" Oliveira

"Falcons Forever"

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Remembrance Slide Presentation

Now on our Falcon Video Bar located at the right side of this blog or watch it on YouTube:

Stanley Chow, Daryl Kamita Chow, and Gaynielle Chun Hirata

Monday, September 8, 2014

 A Special Message

     It was a beautiful evening.  The moon was nearly full.  We viewed the city lights and gorgeous golf course in Waolani and Nu'uanu Valley Mountains at O'ahu Country Club.  We gathered together as friends and classmates, shared stories, played games, sang songs, danced and were entertained.  We had wonderful gifts, thanks to the generosity of many, including our sister schoolmates from Roosevelt and McKinley.

     Mahalo to all who attended for their gift of presence and friendship.  We continue to have a most generous class who support each other.  

     Aloha, a hui hou and consider the following quotes from our 60th Birthday celebration....

"Your presence is often the best present"
"Spending time together is a far greater gift than spending money."

Kalani High School Class of '69 Reunion Committee
Class of '69 Celebrates Their 45th Reunion

The Falcons of '69 gathered at the Oahu Country Club on Friday, September 5th to celebrate their 45th year reunion.  The day started off with a round of golf on the beautiful OCC links on a picture-perfect day. 

Hosted by Dave Dunham, the 12 golfers who participated had a great day and kicked off the first event of the celebration.  Most of them had just enough time to freshen up in the locker room and head back upstairs for the start of the reunion banquet.

Oahu Country Club

Committee member, Anne Moniz Suen greets Alicia "Kaipo" Barros and Gerri Ome Best, our former teacher, class and pep squad advisor and Class of '69 friend forever.

As Diane Chong checks Warren Kunimoto's footwear, Vicki Ward and Leonard Hoshijo check his credentials to ensure that he is truly our classmate.  Can't be him, he still looks 18 years old!

Cathy Lim Yoza checks in Craig Schade from Heber City, Utah along with Lester Look and Godfrey Mau.  Owen Akamine, off to the right, came all the way from North Dakota.

At the prize ticket table:  Miulan Kaaumoana Oman, Chris Sumiye Imoto (McKinley '69), Carl Yamamoto, Peggy Irish Tanaka, Maureen "Reen" Mau Fukunaga and Sandra Asato Nishimoto.

Chris Quinn joined us from Honaunau and also provided our reception music.

Heading up the buffet line are Michael Shimada, Alvin Akase, Harry Mattson, Laurie Gorelangton, John Verneri, and Bernard Peterson.

Freddy Ishihara of Karaoke Madness provided music, games, and song for our event.  Even Freddy is '69 grad, from McKinley.  Thanks for sporting the Red & White shirt, Freddy.

Cornelia Sandborn, Charles "Cappy" Perkins behind the 69, and Dave and Beth Dunham lean to the right.

Candace Opperman Horsley and Earl Anderson get framed.

Casina Correa Waterman holds up the magic number.

Barbara Ignacio Cook Miller and Clarence Silva are on the Falcon TV set, with Val Hata Ford behind the Big 69 and Cathy Lim Yoza in her Falcon frame.

Frances Kane Soares and Ronnie Inter peek in from the frame.

In the corner with Ann Moniz Suen, Miulan Kaaumoana Oman, Vicki Ward, Melvin Matsuda, Patti Niwa Yamashita, Peggy Irish Tanaka, and Maureen "Reen" Mau Fukunaga.

Alvin Akase and Randy Soon are in awe over Ricky Barbaria's kazoo rendition.

There was a group of about 95 in attendance.  Also attending were our class of '69 friends from Roosevelt and McKinley High Schools.  Consideration is being made to combine forces and work on joint reunion events in the coming years.

Patty Manhart Ross, Barbara Ignacio Cook Miller, and Candance Opperman Horsley sing about some boots that were made for walking.

For the Karaoke Challenge, the girls selected "She Loves You" by the Beatles.

The guys were "Born to be Wild!"

Trisha Kono Tubbs '68 joined Warren Kunimoto and her sister Lori Kono Clapp in the Falcon frame.
Your MCs for the evening, Bobby Imoto and Carl Yamamoto with Gerri Ome Best.

Lester Look is in focus with Neil Hiramatsu, who joined us from Torrence, California.

Miulan Kaaumoana Oman watches as the Kula's frame themselves.

Aloha from Wesley Kobayashi and Marion Tomishima Sato

Three retired cops get framed:  Bobby Imoto, Kent Harada, and John Veneri.  John currently resides in Mountain View, on the Big Island.
Congratulations from Ann Moniz Suen, Daryl Kamita Chow, and Gaynielle Chun Hirata.
Keith Kurahashi (McKinley '69), Gordon Choy, Jerry Wojcik, Carl Yamamoto, and Bobby Imoto.

"... Forward then Kalani High, All praise to thee."

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey Falcons ...

Now is the time to sign up for our 45th!

Come join the group and revisit the old days. 
Here are a few of your classmates that will be attending:

Cathy Chung
Neal Hiramatsu
Earl Anderson
Candace Opperman Horsley
Lori Kono Clapp
Clayton Frank
John Veneri
Melvin Matsuda
Patricia Manhart Ross
Valerie Hata Ford
Laurie Gorelangton
Michael Shimada
Phil Van Alst
Susan Uyeda Matsumoto
Lester Look
Leonard Hoshijo
Kathleen Inouye Anzai
Joanne Amioka Chikuma
Deanne Ching Lee
Diane Chong
Patti Niwa Yamashita
Vicki Ward
Harry Mattson
JoAnn Gondo Mattson
Bobby Imoto
Ann Moniz Suen
Randy Soon
Rick Barbaria
Penny Shinkawa Shimada
Chris Quinn
Josephine Foster Pang
Owen Akamine
Michael Omatsu
We also have a few classmates from our neighboring City high schools joining us.  Some old elementary and intermediate school buddies, new friends, working aquaintences, family connections, and fellow '69 grads from Roosevelt and McKinley.
It is a great time to re-connect, reminisce, and have fun!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reservation Form

There was a total of five classes attending Kalani while we were there.  They were the Falcons of '67, '68, '69, '70, and '71.  
Reunions are all about getting together with classmates from the past to renew friendships and reminisce the good old days of our youth.
For this reason, the Class of '69 extends an open invitation to all members of these classes.

If you need a copy of this form, please contact us at kalanihigh1969@aol.com
or call
Joanne Amioka Chikuma at
(808) 235-3755

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kalani Class of '69
45th Reunion Golf
Oahu Country Club
Friday, September 5, 2014
12 Noon
Cost:  $70 (non-members)

Contact:  Dave Dunham
(808) 848-0003
(808) 478-3707
45th Reunion:  Tennis/Volleyball Activity
2011 Kaimuki/McKinley/Kalani '69 Classmate

As they did for our 60th birthday celebration in 2011, our '69 Classmates from Kaimuki High School has invited us to join them in a Tennis & Volleyball get together as part of the 45th reunion activities.

Kaimuki High School Tennis Courts
Saturday, September 13, 2014
8:30 am to 2 pm

Please contact Warren Kunimoto for further details.
(808) 478-5495

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The cost and the time of golf is still being determined.

The cost for the Reunion Banquet is $63.
(Our age ... at least most of us)

Sorry no Senior Citizen Discounts.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


» Rock album: "Dangerous Crossing," 
Stuart Hollinger (Keala)

Congratulations Stuart,

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Update on our 45th Reunion

The KHS Class of '69 Reunion Committee is still working on the details (times, format, food, etc.) of our upcoming celebration, but the date still stands.  Mark your calendars if you haven't yet. 

Friday, September 5, 2014.  
The location is the Oahu Country Club in beautiful Nuuanu Valley.

Plans call for a golfing outing in the day following by our reunion banquet in the evening.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28th.  We should have more details at that meeting.  

For now, if you are still in contact with any of our '69 classmates, give them a call and tell them about the reunion.  Spouses, friends, family, or other KHS Grads are welcomed to join them.

Update on what's happening at our alma mater (Check this out)

Gee, does this mean the Best Public High School in the State?!

Go Falcons!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


The Class of '69 Reunion Committee has set the date and location for our 45th Reunion activities.  After a grueling session at a secret location, the group set Friday, September 5th as the date and the Oahu Country Club as the location.

Tentative plans call for a golf session during the day and our reunion banquet in the evening.

Mark your calendars.  
More information forthcoming.

45-Year Class Reunion
September 5, 2014
Oahu Country Club

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kalani Kokua
KHS 60th Birthday Reunion at the Oahu Country Club 2011

The KHS Reunion committee is reaching out for participation and Kokua in our upcoming 45th Class Reunion.  They need suggestions on what everyone would like to have for the celebration and help in securing a good deal on a location for our banquet and/or other activities.  For now, being that the soaring Falcons have always been ready and willing, the dates, times, and locations are flexible.  (Okay, perhaps we should have started a little earlier)

The committee would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, contacts on:

Locations for a banquet/activities
Door/Game Prizes
Donations ($$$)

They also would really like to have classmates join in the planning.  That's actually a lot of fun by itself.

Since a picture is always worth a thousand words ...
Take a look and see how some of us have been "practicing" during the past few years:


Did you notice that food and drinks seem to play a large part of everything we do?