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Friday, June 10, 2011

Questions about Las Vegas?


There have been a number of questions regarding how to go about choosing and signing up for the different Vegas packages.  The numbers have changed since the our committee first met with the Roosevelt 69 Alumni committee last year.  At the time, the airline and hotel prices were still not posted for November and we worked with the older rates.

The $82 Get-Together Activities fee is the amount that everyone will pay to cover the first night dinner/banquet event, evening pupu parties, shuttles, and other miscellaneous class expenses. This is our posted "Package C."

"Package A", that covers airfare, hotel and transportation has the Get-Together Activities fee included.

"Package B" covers only the hotel room and the Get-Together Activities fee.  The posted price is $254. 

For this Las Vegas event, Vacations Hawaii has reserved a set amount of airline seats and hotel rooms that are to be shared by the three schools (Roosevelt, McKinley, and Kalani).  Once the total amount of alumni attending is confirmed, the excess reserved hotel rooms can be released to the "Package B" people.  Those of us who are traveling to Vegas on our own, should make a separate booking at a nearby hotel (the California will show it as all booked).
Again, our committee is still checking on the final details on these arrangements, so we are recommending that all alumni selecting either "Package A or B," send in a deposit of $100 to confirm your attendance.   

For the "Package B" alumni, when it is determined that the group has excess rooms at the California, they will try to move you into them at the better rate.  You should have ample time to cancel the other reservation by the 48-hour requirement.  The balance (less the Get-Together Activities fee) of your $100 deposit will be applied to the "Package B" cost.  If there are no excess rooms, you will stay with your hotel booking and your deposit will be returned to you, minus the Activities fee.
Clear as mud?
All three school committees are checking and double-checking on the details.  We will post the final costs and options ASAP.  
For now it is important to contact us with your confirmations and send in your deposits and/or Activities fee.

Email:  kalanihigh1969@aol.com
Call Joanne at:  (808)235-3755

Submit registrations/Payments to:

Kalani Class of '69
c/o V. Ward
98-505 Lulu Place
Aiea, Hawaii 96791

It appears that the easiest thing to do here is to decide to go.  So mark your calendars, make the calls, and send in your deposit. 

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