Kalani High School

Kalani High School
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hawaii Six-O Search Warrant (Scavenger Hunt)

Each team of four"detectives" were given hone hour to bring back evidence (items/answers) to 33 items described in the Hawaii Six-O Search Warrant.
  1. A game card from the California Hotel
  2. A logo item from the Gold Spike casino
  3. How many TV screens are there at Dave's Aloha Bar? (4)
  4. A logo item from the Fremont casino
  5. A sales receipt from the Las Vegas ABC Store
  6. Two food discount coupons fro anywhere in Las Vegas
  7. How many crap tables are in the Four Queens casino? (3)
  8. Where is the Gay Cabarello? (Medial of Las Vegas Blvd/Fremont)
  9. How many slot machines are displayed at the Main Street casino? (10)
  10. A logo item from the Fitzgerald
  11. A dollar chip from the Main Street Station casino
  12. A Keno sheet from the Fremont casino
  13. What's the wording on the Stewart Street side of our "host" casino say" (at the cal)(California Hotel Free Parking with validation)
  14. A logo item from the Golden Nugget casino
  15. Present something with the Jillian casino logo or name (Closed ... digital picture of sign)
  16. What's the vehicle clearance height of the Las Vegas Club entrance? (10')
  17. Trader Bill's arrow on Fremont St. mall points to what store? (Las Vegas Harley Davidson store)
  18. A Keno sheet from Binions (No longer Keno at Binions - limited sheets)
  19. How many lights make up a chandelier at the California lobby? (20)
  20. A Las Vegas bus or shuttle schedule/brochure
  21. How many bollards/polers block the NW end of the Fremont Street mall? (8)
  22. How many machines at California's poker slot tournament area? (34)
  23. A brochure to Hoover Dam
  24. Logo item from the Plaza Casino
  25. How many roulette tables in the Golden Nugget casino? (4)
  26. What street splits South Main Street and North Main Street? (Fremont)
  27. Price of a dish on the Island Sushi menu at the Plaza Club
  28. Name of the buffet and cafe at the Fremont (Paradise)
  29. A map ot anywhere in Las Vegas
  30. How many steps go up to the casino from the California lobby? (3)
  31. A plastic/paper casino cup with name or logo
  32. A dollar chip from the Fitzgerald
  33. How many Golden Arm plaques are on the wall of the bridge? (283)
First Place: (26) Ann Suen, Cappy Perkins, Bill and Angela Anderson
Second Place: (25) Wayne, Jamie, Donna, and Robert
Third Place: (23)* Kathy Anzai, Randy Soon, and Sandy Nishimoto (Asato)
Fourth Place: (23) Amy, Carol, Elaine, Dorothy
     Tie breaker:  # of Golden Arm plaques.

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