Kalani High School

Kalani High School
Where the tradewinds from the valley ...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

After 2 months, still thinking about it ...

 Kathy Inouye Anzai deciding on what sushi to order
 Bobby Imoto, Ann Moniz Suen, & Joanne Amioka Chikuma
 Randy and Jerry talking bout the ole days ...
 The three school representatives for the "My Girl" singing challenge.
Keith Kurahashi (McKinley) Bobby Imoto (Kalani) and Vincent Yim (Roosevelt)
Kalani won ... that's what I thought.

 The Kalani table at the get together dinner
 Gordon Choy, Jerry Wojcik, and Deanna Ching Lee
On the first morning, Kalani alumni review plans for the week

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