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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hawaii Six-Two Search Warrant Game: Sponsored by Kalani's group.

One of the events of the 62nd Birthday Bash in Las Vegas was the
Hawaii Six-Two Search Warrant challenge.
(Scavenger Hunt involving mixed-teams from Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt grads)

The warrant (list) was issued on Thursday morning at the "ice breaker" breakfast.  Most of the teams were a mix of grads from the three schools.

Here's the synopsis of the warrant instructions:
By the power & authority of this search warrant, your team is commanded to locate, present, and/or show proof that the evidence or information listed below exists.  Such evidence and/or proof must be presented in its entirety to the Friday evening court session at the Pullman Room.

* A tourist map of Las Vegas *
* A logo item from the Mob Museum *
* Tickets, flyer or picture of "The Polar Express" *
* Some type of public school identification *
* Napkin or logo item from Subway *
* How many roulette tables in the Four Seasons Casino? *
* One casino chip from the Las Vegas Club Casino *
* Logo item from the Lady Luck Casino *
* Brochure/card from the Fremont Experience *
* Picture of at least 2 team members in from of the Colorado Midland *
* A Keno slip from Binon's *
* A napkin/coaster with the Golden Nugget logo *
     * A "Rock of Ages" ticket, flyer, card, or picture *
* Flyer or map to the Primm Fashion Outlets *
* Cash voucher from California Hotel for less than $1 *
* A roulette instructional card *
     * Picture of at least 2 members of the team in from of a casino on the Strip *
* Logo item from the Golden Gate Casino *
* Coupon for breakfast at 2 downtown establishments *
   8Business cards from 2 Las Vegas businesses *
      * Cash voucher from the Four Queens Casino *

A combined McKinley and Roosevelt team won by answering and presenting something from every category.
Ray & Charlotte Kanemori (MHS)
Dan Ishii (MHS)
Lavern Flores (RHS)

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