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Kalani High School
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Saturday, June 16, 2018


In the past few years school reunion groups
have often struggled to gather enough classmates
to secure a nice venue for their celebrations
and needed to combine their numbers
to make things happen.  With our baby boomer
classes ranging from 600 to 800 graduates,
it is ironic that we now have a hard time herding
even one fourth of the class for these get togethers, 
even in this age of enhanced communication systems.

This is the group that attended our joint 65th birthday 
bash with Kaimuki, Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt
classmates back in 2016.

Although our KHS group was the smallest of the
four schools, they were still able to reminisce, 
talk stories, reconnect with some classmates from
intermediate and elementary schools and 
meet some new friends

Our 50th year reunion in 2019 will 
definitely be a special celebration just as
our 65th birthday was.  The joint schools
have decided that this reunion should be
more of a personal event and that each
school should hold their own event.
So for 2019, like in 2014, we are 
planning our "Kalani FIVE-O" event
for sometime in August of next year.

So … this is a "all hands on deck" call
to all '69 Falcons to start contacting and
talking stories with classmates to get them
"on board" for our upcoming events.

Waialae Drive In
Got any stories about going here?

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