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Kalani High School
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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

It has been 50 years since our graduation ceremonies … and in another 50 years, there will be another Class of '69!  
It is basically a "Midway Milestone."

This occurs only once is our lifetime, so Congratulations and 
join in the celebration.
Sign up now for our Golf Event or, if you don't play, 
join us at the 19th Hole in the KHS Tent.

And don't forget the main event on Saturday at the
Manoa Ballroom of the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii 
for our 50th Year Reunion Dinner.

Email kalanihigh1969@aol.com 
to obtain the application form below.

It's only 2 months away, so don't procrastinate!


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  1. Also on Thursday, August 8, 2019, we are scheduled to visit our alma mater for a walk-thru of the campus and reminisce with a nostalgic lunch in the cafeteria. Once we have confirmed a time and cost for the meal, we'll let everyone know. We already have about 13 classmates signed up.