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Kalani High School
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ms. Geraldine Ome with Rocky Kupihea and Micaela Finch
Homecoming Pep Rally Has Come and Gone

     Football has many participants besides the rough and tumble players.

     Also instrumental in the preparations for the Homecoming game are the members of the pep squad.  A pep rally on Friday, November 1, geared them for outstanding cheers at the game the next night against Iolani.  The squad really contributes to the game.

     During the rally, the return of the 66/67 and 67/68 pep squad members highlighted the evening, while the 68/69 pep club members performed a skit to amuse the cheerers.

     A rousing number by Tahitian dancers preceded highly entertaining groups such as Buz Kelly and Jeff Cox, the Big K, Robert Texiera, and another group, Something Natural.

     Miss Geraldine Ome made appearances throughout the evening.  The rally ended with songs and cheers by all.

(from the Kaleo O Kalani newsletter, November 15, 1968 issue, Page 3)

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