Kalani High School

Kalani High School
Where the tradewinds from the valley ...

Friday, April 22, 2011

(Ena Road and Ala Moana Boulevard)

Remember back in 1968/69 when you could buy a hamburger
for 17 cents each, or get 5 for 85 cents?  What a deal!

And for a mere 69 cents you could get:
A Chicken Dinner that included 2 pieces of chicken, 
french fries, and biscuit w/ honey,  or

A Double Burger 3-Course Meal that  featured
a 2-patty hamburger, chocolate shake,
and french fries

Well we can't promise anything like this anymore because
KDI has been gone for a while, but we can get offer you
a Prime Rib Buffet at the Oahu Country Club
at the Kalani Class of 69's 60th Birthday Bash
on  August 12th for just a "little" more and
provide you some great company.

Come join your fellow '69 graduates on
Friday, August 12, 2011 at 6 pm
KHS Golf shoot-out at high noon.

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